Espace MV3 open Doors/ Espace MV3 Porte Ouvert

This weekend come and visit our fully furnished 956 sq.ft  E1 condo model unit. You will be able to feel and fully imagine what your unit will be like.

This Weekend we are open between 1 and 5 p.m

Contact our sales team at 514-605-2032 or visit our sales office at 479 Mousseau Vermette.

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Espace Mv – Selections of finishes

By: Patricia Hinojosa

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Working in the department of Selection of Finishes here at Espace Mv has been most inspiring & rewarding at the same time.

The options offered are preselected by Uma Design,  a prestigious design house with projects in Los Angeles, New York, & here in Montreal. Their team are up to date on the latest trends in home design. Each new Phase, they present us with the latest finishes in kitchen cabinets, cabinet handles, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, counters & up grades. Clients can then confidently select the finishes of their newly purchased property.

When purchasing a Loft, they are presented with ten pre selected Kits. Each kit is diligently researched to provide our clients with a selection of finishes completely harmonized to represent different styles. From country chic, to contemporary cool hues, or  ooh la la elegant red, compared to eclectic elegance. Clients feel empowered when faced with the choosing stage of their purchase.

When purchasing a condo clients, can equally use the pre selected kits or venture on their own to execute a personalized and individualistic dwelling.

My inspiration comes from the finishes and upgrades Espace Mv provides me to present to clients. Guiding them with my passion for home design and people, together we work towards achieving  spaces which nurtures every buyers definition of HOME.

My reward is when the client receives the keys to his new residence and they express to me their excitement of finally arriving to a place they call HOME.


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Welcome to the Espace MV3 blog !

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The Espace MV3 team

My life in a smaller condo


Guest Post By: Dana Stamatakis

I was pleased to be asked by the Espace MV3 team to write an article on the reasoning of why I opted in for one of the smaller 574 sq. ft condos in the Espace MV project.

First of all I would like to mention that I am extremely satisfied with my choice of living in the Espace MV project. The location is fantastic and the price, quality and modern design is what attracted me to this project in the first place. If I had to explain my general experience of living in my new condo it would have to be that’s its fantastic! There are so many advantages of living in smaller unit in which I will outline a few below.

1)   More efficient use of space

My condo is designed incredibly well for a 574 sq.ft condo. At first living in s small space sounded a bit problematic, but I was surprised to see how efficiently the use of space was utilized.  Within my condo everything I needed was there: Place for an office, beautiful walking closet, area for a dining room, nice size living room and ofcourse a fully closed bedroom. Not to mention the terrace.

2)   Less Home, More money saved

Financially, buying a smaller unit saves me money. Money that can be placed in savings each month. My monthly condo fees and property taxes are much lower than those of the bigger units. My electricity bill in incredibly low compared to that of friends of mine in larger units.

3)   Less clean, more time

This benefit has always been a selling point for me, as I chose to clean the house on Friday in order to allow the weekend to be spent in a clean house. However, after a long work week, I’d rather relax than vacuum the floors. While there will always be cleaning to do no matter what the size of the home, having less to tend to shortens the time we have to spend keeping everything clean and tidy.

4)   Less stuff, More quality

While initially having less space may make us feel cramped, it is actually the amount of stuff we have that creates the illusion of spacious living rooms or itty bitty bedrooms. Once we have less space, we are required to be mindful about what we bring into our homes in order to maintain an open living area. And when we no longer need a long list of furniture to fill our home, the furniture we do purchase can be of much higher quality, which will ultimately maintain its use and value far better.

5)   More Energy efficient = Smaller Carbon footprint

By choosing a smaller condo, I also consume less energy to heat or air condition my unit.

As energy costs rise, smaller homes are becoming more and more of a buyers’ choice and far more marketable than the larger homes that contain an extra bedroom or more living space.

Début des travaux de construction Loft Phase 2

Espace MV3 est heureux de vous annoncer que les ventes des condominiums et loft, située a Dorval, progressent à un rythme soutenu. Nous vous informons que la construction de la deuxième phase comprenant 87 lofts , un Spa et Gym débutera à la fin de septembre 2013. La livraison des unités est prévue pour l’automne 2014. Il reste quelques unités disponibles pour occupation immédiate dans la première phase .

Venez nous visiter au bureau des ventes et nos représentants se feront un plaisir de vous guider dans le choix d’une unité avec une, deux ou trois chambres à coucher.

Nous vous remercions pour l’intérêt que vous portez à notre projet.

L’équipe d’ Espace MV3
Tel. 514-605-2032
Fax. 514-633-0861

Espace MV3 is pleased to announce that sales of its condominiums and lofts, located in Dorval, is progressing at a steady pace.
Construction of the second phase, comprising of 87 lofts, and a Spa and Gym, will begin at the end of September 2013.
Delivery of the units is scheduled for autumn 2014. There are still some units available for immediate occupancy in the first phase.

Please come visit us at our sales office and our representatives will be happy to guide you in choosing a unit with one, two or three bedrooms.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

The team MV3 Space
Tel. 514-605-2032
Fax. 514-633-0861